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Shannon Palmer is a surrealist painter and designer who lives and works in Pueblo, Colorado with her husband and their two dogs. Her colorful works incorporate strong symbology and surreal landscapes to encourage to viewer to question their own perception and contemplate life and death. Her distinctive style often draws inspiration from dreams and long meditation sessions where she aims to explore her subconscious mind.

As a teenager, Shannon sustained nerve damage while working, and has difficulty using full range of motion in her hands. Using obstacles as inspiration, she works under the alias DeadHand and created deadhandArt in 2018. As the artist explains “I’ve had a few deeply profound experiences that led me to realize if I didn’t become an artist, I would regret it for the rest of my life.”

She is a multiple-time first place award winner for her artwork during her time studying at Pueblo Community College and is currently finishing her Bachelors of Fine Art degree at Colorado State University-Pueblo. She is also the recipient of various awards from the Pueblo Art Guild and the Southern Colorado Photographer’s Society.

Shannon’s artworks have been shown in Exhibitions in Pueblo, Colorado such as the “Addictus” show at the Blo Back Gallery in 2019 and numerous years of entries at the Colorado State Fair. She spends much of her focus collaborating with local businesses who commission her custom artwork to adorn their walls where they can be sold to the public. She is currently represented by the Blo Back Gallery in Pueblo, Colorado, FloCo Gallery in Florence, Colorado and SoCo Art Emporium Gallery in Trinidad, Colorado.


Colorado State University 

​2019 - present


Bachelors in Fine Arts in Progress







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2010 - present
2010 - present

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